Vertical Storage Racking

This type of racking is ideal for storing long length light weight products, such as PVC conduits, plastic pipes, timber trims & skirtings, aluminum bars, electrical supplies, tube products and artworks. Such items can be stored vertically on its end with non-load bearing arms dividers, optimizing warehouse floor space for storage purposes.

Vertical storage racking is an economical and space-saving system for products that require upright storage solution. They can be installed quickly and are also a cost-effective solution, making it easy to create optimal floor space and provide easy access to stock items for picking or retail areas. Vertical storage racking systems additionally minimise damage to products by using dividing mechanics, which provide safe, secure and clear storage solution.

Key Features:

  • Available in both single- or double-sided configuration
  • Can be assembled & designed as an “A-Frame Style” option as well
  • Improved organization – keeping stock neatly organized and accessible.
  • Easy picking and sorting accessibility through stock items placed at ground level
  • Easy to assemble and/or Easy to install
  • Customized vertical storage rack heights, suitable to any product length
  • Optimized storage space – Vertical storage application frees up floor space
  • Engineering certified and designed to meet Australian Standards

Special Requirements:

  • All divider arm centers are to be spaced no greater than 700mm apart
  • Vertical divider arms must be clamped to beams with 1x M10 nut and bolt
  • Minimum requirements for back beams – Contact Us for more information
  • Top beams must be in line with the top horizontal brace of the frame

Each warehouse storage facility has its own unique set of challenges and goals; therefore, we recommend consulting a warehouse layout and design specialist for a professional opinion to assist you in achieving the optimum storage solution for you.

Vertical Storage Racking
Vertical Storage Racking