Shuttle Flow Pallet Racking

The Shuttle pallet system is a semi-automated, high-density storage solution for the handling of goods inside racking structure channels similar to a drive-in or pallet-flow racking setup. The Shuttle runs on specially designed single-profile rails supported by upright frames that are fitted with special support beams, creating channels within the racking structure.  

The remotely controlled Pallet Shuttle is a highly efficient alternative to live storage and drive-in racking. This system eliminates the need for access lanes, reducing the overall storage area needed in a warehouse.

Shuttle pallet racking system improves the throughput of warehouse operations, with Return on Investment (ROI) typically being achieved over two years as opposed to four to five years for an alternative storage system type.

The Pallet Shuttle system works either as First in, First out (FIFO) or as Last in, First out (LIFO) for situations such as cold storage, food and beverage production, and meat processing plants.

Key Features:

  • Optimised and efficient usage of warehouse space
  • 130% more storage capacity compared to an alternative pallet racking system
  • Customised storage models designed for various pallet configurations
  • Suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures -30C to +45C
  • Handles pallets up to 1500kg capacity
  • Storage lanes can be in excess of 50M in length
  • Eliminates the risk of damages to the storage lanes & uprights within the channel
  • No special forklift truck is required. Pallets can be serviced by both reach and counterbalance forklifts
  • Reduced operating costs provide a cost-effective storage solution
  • Reduced cycle time to load or unload pallets as the shuttle cart and forklift can work simultaneously
  • Easy relocation & movement of pallet shuttle between channels by the forklift operator
  • Designed and manufactured to Australian Standards with high-strength tensile steel

Pallet Shuttle Features:

  • Powerful, but lightweight shuttle at 220kg – 230kg
  • Traveling speed of the shuttle cart can reach up to 65M/min when empty, or 50M/min when loaded
  • Automatic and manual functions operated from the radio control handset
  • Lithium battery provides up to 8-10 hours per charge
  • Simple and quick battery change-over process
  • Short battery recharge time including a charging station provided
  • Laser-guided for safe pallet loading & unloading
  • In-lane pallet counting function available

Special Requirements:

  • Perimeter protection is required to ensure limited access to the racking area
  • Requires only 350mm clearance from the top of the loaded pallet to the next level, with a standard 1350mm wide opening

Each warehouse storage facility has its own unique set of challenges and goals; therefore, we recommend consulting a warehouse layout and design specialist for a professional opinion to assist you in achieving the optimum storage solution for you.

Shuttle Flow Pallet Racking