Cable Storage Racking

Cable Racking is the ideal solution for storing cable reels or spindles. Storing the reels horizontally on racking maximizes the use of storage space and also provides easy stock identification.

 In addition, by mounting each drum reel on an axile, the cable can be reeled on unreeled while still loaded in the racks.

With many different configurations available, the system can be designed to suit your exact needs and drum size requirements.

We offer two types of cable racking;

Center Mount:

  • Used for storing heavier loads up to 1,800kg
  • Maximum frame height of 7315mm high.
  • Best suited with spindle/pipe between 48-88mm OD

Front Mount:

  • Most suited for lighter loads up to 500kg.
  • Maximum 4267mm high.
  • Spindle/pipe up to 48mm OD

Each warehouse storage facility has its own unique set of challenges and goals; therefore, we recommend consulting a warehouse layout and design specialist for a professional opinion to assist you in achieving the optimum storage solution for you.

Following Additional Information will be required to get a customized quote for Cable Racking.

  1. What is the overall racking height?
  2. What is the overall racking length?
  3. Number of bays in a run?
  4. (The most common beam sizes are listed below)
    – 914mm beams = maximum 502mm clearance
    – 1219mm beams = maximum 807mm clearance
    – 1372mm beams = maximum 960mm clearance
  5. What are the drum size/s?
    – Width (left to right) x Depth/diameter (front to back) x Weight?
  1. What is the drum hole size (where the pipe leads through)?
  2. How many levels would you like to store vertically?
  3. Are any levels going to store more than 1 drum?
Cable Storage Racking
Cable Storage Racking