Price From: $43.95*  per Pallet

* Positions fully Supplied and Installed

* 1000KG per Pallet

SPR is the simplest of all pallet storage systems providing direct access to all pallets and is the most economical in terms of equipment and capital cost. It is also speedily installed and simple to adjust, but the density of storage is less than with other formats because of operating aisle requirements.


  • Most cost effective storage system with the lowest equipment and capital costs
  • Pallets can be located, accessed and moved individually, 100 % accessibility
  • Compatible with most types of handling equipment, building structures
  • and floor surfaces, utilizes available and otherwise wasted headroom
  • Suitable for order picking and efficient in operation
  • Suits and accommodates various pallet heights
  • Versatile and easily configured

Special requirements:

  • When SPR is built above a height of 8 meters, high reach handling equipment is needed which may require engineered floors. Additional vertical clearance is required in floor location to permit rising of pallet above reach truck chassis legs.