Gravity Flow Pallet Rack Systems are ideal for supplying pallet or carton loads of common SKUs in sorting and distribution operations. They also are a great option where high throughput is required or in a warehouse storage situation that calls for large volumes of each SKU.

Gravity flow pallet racks act like a conveyor within a rack structure. Pallets are deposited at the charge end and then flow down an incline to be picked at the opposite end. Systems can be 6 or more bays high and can run from a few to 15 positions deep. Using gravity to gently keep pallet loads staged for picking operations, flow racks are an economical first-in first-out storage rack solution.

High-density gravity flow pallet rack provides excellent payback. Additionally, the rack systems help to keep employees at a safe distance from the forklifts that are replenishing the racks at the input end. This dynamic storage rack system gives quick, efficient and safe access to material going out while providing simple reserve stock storage.


  • First In – First Out per lane
  • Ideal for pick modules and staging areas
  • Large value per SKU
  • High throughput