Safety Audits

Dynamic Racking Warehouse Solutions Safety Audits are based on Inspection, Assessment and Documentation as Management and Staff needs to understand the following:

  • Basic Pallet Rack design principles
    • Components
    • Structure
    • Signs
  • Their obligation to conform with the Australian Standard
    • Requirements
    • Tolerances
    • Maintenance
  • Correct use and applications
    • Loading & Unloading
    • Environment

Safety Audits MUST be carried out on a regular basis, Dynamic Racking Warehouse Solutions recommends a minimum of one every 12 months to inspect, assess and document all findings to assist with your warehouse safety procedures.

Did you know that 70% of workplaces do not conform to Australian Standards? Do not be amongst them, Call Dynamic Racking Warehouse Solutions now to book in for a Safety Audit and prove that you care for your business and its employees.