Cantilever Racking Solutions


Cantilever Racking is a versatile, flexible, and adaptable storage solution for storing long-span, bulky, awkward, oversized products of virtually any length.

Ideal for storing steel uprights, steel pipes, aluminum extrusions, timber packs, gyprock, and more.

It comes in both single-sided and double-sided configurations. The double-sided rack option provides maximum storage capacity on a single central upright column while the single-sided rack is designed to fit against a wall. 

Available in light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty cantilever racking options.

Powder coated Finish Option (Blue & Red) for indoor storage facilities such as warehouses & workshops.

Hot Dip Galvanised Finish Option for Outdoor Storage Environments

Key Features:

  • Designed and manufactured to FEM 10.2.09 and can be certified for all types of Australian conditions and workplaces
  • Provides easy product accessibility & selectivity, together with support along the length of the product being stored.
  • Provides increased adaptability by storing nearly any type of long, bulky, or oddly shaped product.
  • Provides more flexibility, loads may be placed anywhere along the entire length of a row on a cantilever rack.
  • Open-fronted design provides easy access and stock management
  • More Economical: both reduced handling times and increased space utilization, make cantilever racks more cost-efficient.
  • Easily customizable to suit your needs, column height, arm length, and loading capacity
  • Additional arms can be added allowing for storage of all shapes and sizes.
  • Pivot arm technology, preventing structural damage in case of a forklift impact
  • Improve productivity by reducing materials handling times

Optional Floor guide channels for a special VNA forklift truck operation.

Additional Information:

Following Additional Information will be required to get a customized quote for cantilever racking.

  1. Size of the area (width, length, clear height), where you are planning to install cantilever racking?
  2. Single-sided option or Double-sided option?
  3. Size and weight specification of material to be loaded (H*W*L)?
  4. How many arms per column is required?
  5. Maximum Loading capacity of each arm level?
  6. Powder-coated or hot dip galvanized option?

Once we have all the above information, we can then specifically design a cantilever storage system to meet your requirements.

We will strive to work with you to develop the most feasible and economical cantilever racking system for your situation.

Each warehouse storage facility has its own unique set of challenges and goals; therefore, we recommend consulting a warehouse layout and design specialist for a professional opinion to assist you in achieving the optimum storage solution for you.

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