Suited to situations where individual selectivity is not important, and the product rang is small, and the movement pattern is predictable, e.g. seasonal goods where input and output take place at different times.Alpha DIR consists of a continuous block of racking up to 10 meters high, undivided by aisles. Trucks can drive right into the centre of the block between any uprights on the front face to pick up pallets. Instead, the pallets are supported on the front to back edges by continuous rails cantilevered from the uprights at each pallet level.


  • Space efficiency and high volume storage of block stacking, with easy access to pallets
  • Offers almost double the storage capacity over selective methods
  • Ideal for High density storage, low capital cost
  • Self-centering rails automatically position pallets
  • No special handling equipment required
  • Best suited to the high cost warehouse, e.g. cold room

Special requirements:

  • Limited selectivity; last in, first out (LIFO) stock rotation
  • Truck guidance recommended for systems storing more than four pallets deeps
  • Lanes to be filled / emptied in vertical layers